Team Member Expectations

Team Practice:

Each HES slam team member is expected to be at team practice on time and ready to perform individual and/or team pieces. If a team member is going to be late to practice one of the members of leadership should be contacted at least one hour before practice is scheduled. Practices will be held once a week at 1:00pm on every Saturday for the months of April and May. In June, practices will be increased to 2 meetings a week. In July there will be 3 practices a week as we get closer to Brave New Voices. Team Practices are mandatory, as it is critical to the team when one or more members are missing from practice. Team Practice will be a key component on the success of the team; members will be collaborating, bonding and strengthening each other through exercises and drills. Team members are encouraged to meet up outside of practice and continue to work together, go to other local shows or simply hang out.


Team members are expected to be at every scheduled practice, however we are people first and poets second. Each HES team member will be allowed to miss 3 practices without repercussions (April-July). After a team member misses their 4th practice they may be subject to be removed from the team or suspended. This will vary case by case scenario. Every absence is detrimental to the team’s ability to practice. Absences are only encouraged for emergencies or previously planned engagements.


All HES team members must remain in communication with leadership. The leadership is in place to help ensure everything runs smoothly. If a member must miss practice, leadership must be informed 24 hours before practice. If a member needs a ride, leadership must be informed 24-48 hours before practice or event. Text messages are not effective ways of communicating absences; please call leadership, starting with the head coach.