Team Qualification Guideline

  • All those interested in competing on the team must attend Saturday afternoon workshop sessions in order to be eligible to participate in the qualification slams (see below).
  • There will be 3 Qualification Slams held, all at Heard Em Say Teen Poetry Night (Jan.-March). Each slam will consist of 2 rounds. If there are 8 or less poets participating, each poet will perform twice. If there are 9 or more poets participating, each poet will perform for the 1st round. The Top 6 highest scores will then advance to the 2nd round. At the end of the 2nd round, scores will be tabulated, places will be announced and points will be assigned to each poet as follows:
    1st Place-5 points
    2nd Place-4 points
    3rd Place-3 points
    4th Place-2.5 points
    5th Place-2 points
    6th Place-1.5 points
    7th Place or lower-1 point

    The Top 6 HIGHEST OVERALL POINT TOTALS over the course of the 3 Qualification Slams will represent on the Heard ‘Em Say Poetry Slam Team! We need a team of at least 4 members to compete at the Brave New Voices International Poetry Festival.

    In the event of a tie (in the overall point totals), we will use workshop attendance to act as a tiebreaker. Also, additional points may be earned over the course of the qualification series through participation in special projects or assigned tasks. You can earn half a point for attending all the workshops for the month.

  • The remaining poets will be assigned to team “Alternate Universe“! This team will host their own workshops, practices and performance opportunities (some separate, some in conjunction with the “Heard Em Say Slam Team”). Members of “Alternate Universe” are strongly encouraged to remain involved and take full advantage of this opportunity! If for any reason one of the qualifying team members from the “Heard Em Say Slam Team” becomes unavailable, we will only consider active members from “Alternate Universe” for replacement.
  • There is a “No Repeat Rule” in effect for the entire duration of the qualification slams (all 3 months)! Also, poems performed during previous slam seasons are not permitted.