What is Brave New Voices?

Brave New Voices (BNV) is an international youth poetry festival created by Youth Speaks, Inc in 1998 after the inaugural Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam in San Francisco—the first poetry slam dedicated to youth in the nation’s history. Since that time, Brave New Voices has grown to represent youth from all across the United States. BNV also features International teams from Canada, Africa, the Polynesian Islands, and Europe, making it the largest and most diverse ongoing spoken word event in the world.

BNV pulls together young people from throughout the United States and several international countries who celebrate diversity and expression, and empower themselves through the written and spoken word. Brave New Voices reflects diversity as a value, crossing and challenging notions of ethnic, racial, and socio-economic and gender division. Brave New Voices is for a generation of young people who reflect a new ethic of mutual respect, cross-cultural communication, sincere expression, social justice and radical love. Brave New Voices is for youth who speak for themselves.

Having just completed its 20th year, Brave New Voices 2018 will bring together young, outspoken artists, educators, poets, and emerging leaders to participate in a celebration of Peace in Chicago, IL! This demonstration of free speech, artistic empowerment, and youth voice will foster a community of dialogue. Young people will gather, commune, speak to and with each other, learn about and from one another and model what we believe the people of the world should do to foment peace